Po Lai Kam is one of the first businesses to specialize in industrial heat transfer printing. The business was founded in Hong Kong in 2000 and has expanded many branches in countries around the world, including Vietnam.

With more than 20 years of experience, the Po Lai Kam company prioritizes product quality while also enhancing the abilities of the manufacturing team as well as invests in the most advanced and modern equipment to ensure product quality. 


The manufacture of all the company's products is based on four core competencies: selected high-quality materials, cutting-edge production equipment, comprehensive technological procedures, and a team of professionals. It may be argued that Po Lai Kam currently possesses all the necessary components to meet the demands of clients throughout the world in the heat transfer business.

The quality and service of Po Lai Kam products have been authorized by Disney. In addition, the business has a solid reputation as a partner with well-known companies like Nike, Adidas, Fila, Puma,... Additionally, the Vietnam Textile and Garment Association recognizes Po Lai Kam (Vietnam) as a legitimate member.

With the skilled collective workforce and cutting-edge machinery, Po Lai Kam offers customers affordable, high-quality heat transfer services, assisting businesses in reducing expenses associated with product creation and boosting productivity.


Customers can contact our firm hotline at 0879 699 106 with any inquiries regarding the heat press quotation list to receive the quickest quotation consultation.

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