Job description:

- Operating heat transfer automation printers

- Receive, read orders and print articles in accordance with print orders, ensuring progress and print quality as required

- Immediately respond to the relevant departments if detecting errors and coordinating to promptly handle the goods to meet the shipment schedule and minimize the damage.

- Cleaning machinery and equipment every day, periodically, to ensure that equipment is always in the best condition for production operation.


Job requirements:

- Graduated from University, College of fields related to automation, electronics

- Priority to have experience running thermal automation printers (Priority has been running Model: GSH-800, GSH-1200, GHD-1600)

- Good health, enthusiasm for the job, withstand high pressure, follow the assigned work schedule.

- It is possible to self-correct minor errors of the machine, arising during the operation

- Being highly disciplined, complying with working principles



- Salary: 10-12 million (or agreement according to ability and experience)

- Evaluation and Bonuses according to capacity, working results

- Enjoy the benefits of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance according to the company's regulations

- Lunch allowance

- Join sports clubs, entertainment games at the office (table tennis, soccer)

- Join annual vacation 1-2 times / year